Why Donate?

Sojourner Truth House is dedicated to providing help and hope to women and children experiencing homelessness and hunger throughout Gary and the surrounding communities in Lake County Indiana. 

By donating, you can help women and children move from a homeless shelter into safe and affordable housing. You give a child access to a positive, nurturing environment close to Mom as she participates in restorative classes, activities, and entrepreneurial opportunities. You ensure that a family has a meal and basic essentials for their household.

When you make this gift to Sojourner Truth House, you let your neighbors in need know that you care. Your compassion and generosity help our clients take steps toward renewal and self-sustainability. You give them a sense of hope. Thank you.

$50 can help provide one of the following:

  • Housing application fees
  • 30-day Bus Pass
  • Gas Cards
  • Household Move-in Kit
  • 2 Back to School Book Bags with Items
  • Groceries for Single Individual

$100 can help provide one of the following:

  • Work Uniforms with shoes
  • Business License for Entrepreneurship Program
  • Transportation Costs to relocate or return to another State (to secure safety, return home etc.)
  • Gas to transport Participants to appointments

$250 can help provide one of the following:

  • Initial Deposit for UtilitiesHolding Fees/Security Deposit
  • Food for a family for a month
  • 3 Nights Hotel fees for Emergency situations
  • Large Appliances for Move-in (Stove, Fridge)
  • Basic Furniture Items (i.e., Sofa, Beds, Tables)
  • Movers